1 Day Hyaluron Pen - Needless Lip Filler

1 Day Hyaluron Pen - Needless Lip Filler

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What You Will Learn:

FINE EYE FOR DETAIL: The anatomy of the lips and understanding where to apply the procedure.

LEARNING THE PEN AND PROCEDURE: Teaching you how to use the pen and how to complete an in-depth procedure. From Health & Safety to After-Care treatment.

What's Included

  • Introduction to the Hyaluron Needleless Pen
  • Understanding the Pen inside and out
  • The benefits and functions of Hyaluronic Acid
  • Patient Consultation
  • Anatomy of the Lips/Product mapping and Histology
  • Using the Pen/Master the Procedure
  • Use of all products in your Kit.
  • How to setup your station for the procedure
  • Health & Safety Guidelines and Requirements
  • Patient Medical History Form
  • Patient Consent; 
  • The “Perfect” Pre and Post Care Instructions for Patient


 West Palm Beach FL

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